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Lawn Care Maintenance

Tired of spending your weekday evenings or weekends to maintain your lawn?

Let Irish Lawn & Landscaping give your time back so you can enjoy it with friends and family. With our Lawn Care Services, our team can take care of mowing, edging, and trimming your lawn so you don't have to worry about it every week. If you need more than just the basic lawn care maintenance, no worries! Check out our Services to see everything we currently offer.

What Makes Us Different?

At Irish Lawn & Landscaping, our mission is to create beautiful and safe outdoor spaces to help build better communities.

Irish Lawn & Landscaping is certified, licensed, and insured.
We will match or beat any competitor estimate.
Our team is mindful of your property and will treat is as if it were our own.
Our team is customer service centric with a strong skill set in lawn care and landscaping.
We never store your payment data. We offer online billing for the your convenience and safety.
Lawn Care Services

Irish Lawn & Landscaping offers basic lawn care services to make sure your lawn is looking great all year round!

Lawn Mowing Services

Scheduled lawn mowing services ensure your lawn stays healthy and well-manicured. Regular mowing helps improve the overall appearance of your property and enhances curb appeal. Additionally, professional lawn mowing helps prevent overgrown grass, which can attract pests and create a breeding ground for unwanted vegetation.

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Lawn Fertilization Services

Lawn fertilization services provide essential nutrients to your lawn, promoting strong and healthy growth. Regular fertilization helps prevent discoloration, thinning, and overall decline in the quality of your lawn. Professional fertilization services also help to maintain the lawn's resistance to stress and disease, ensuring a lush and green yard all year round.

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Lawn Overseeding Services

Lawn overseeding services help to improve the density and health of your lawn. It can also help to fill in bare or thin areas and improve the overall appearance of your lawn. Additionally, overseeding can add new, more drought-tolerant or disease-resistant grass varieties, leading to a more resilient lawn that requires less maintenance and upkeep.

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Lawn Aeration Services

Lawn aeration services help to improve the soil structure and water penetration in your lawn. By reducing soil compaction, aeration allows roots to grow more freely, leading to stronger and healthier grass. Aeration also helps to reduce water runoff and improve the overall health of your lawn by increasing the absorption of vital nutrients, water, and air.

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Sod Installation Services

Sod installation services provide a quick and easy solution for a beautiful and lush lawn. By using high-quality sod, you can enjoy a fully grown lawn in just a matter of weeks, compared to months or even years with traditional seed planting. Additionally, sod installation eliminates the need for immediate mowing and weeding during the establishment period, saving you time and effort in maintaining your lawn.

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Lawn Top Dressing Services

Lawn top dressing services can improve the soil structure and fertility of your lawn, leading to healthier and more resilient grass. Regular top dressing helps to maintain an even soil surface, preventing soil erosion and promoting better water absorption. Additionally, top dressing can provide essential nutrients and organic matter to your lawn, helping to promote strong and healthy growth.

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We look forward to serving your lawn care needs and to help make your home beautiful. If you have any questions, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions or send us a message on the Contact Page.

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