Lawn Mowing Services - Weekly and Biweekly

This service starts at the beginning of April, or as weather permits, and ends the last week of November (35 Weeks). If you are starting this service mid-season, your monthly bill will be prorated to reflect the appropriate number of mows. Each visit includes mowing for the front and back yard, trimming, edging of the lawn (where applicable) and also blowing grass clippings away from driveways, walkways, and patios that connect with the lawn.

  • If your lawn requires grass bagging on a regular basis, an extra fee will apply. Fee depends on your lawn size.
  • If your lawn is overgrown, it will be subject to an minimum additional $25 charge for the first cut.
  • If you would like to skip a week, please let us know at least 7 days in advance.

Weather Delays / Rain Days

If the weather does not permit mowing, we will cut the next day or up to three days after rain or weather delay because the soil will be too wet. You will not be charged if there is a skipped week. Please note: Our service is 100% dependable on weather - rain delays our schedule by up to three days.

Pets and Yard Obstructions

Please leave your pets inside on your scheduled service days. We are not responsible if your dogs are left out while we have access to your yard. If your dogs are present in your yard during the time of service, we may skip your lawn to avoid any mishaps.

Please pick up all pet droppings, toys, large bones, large rocks, etc. the day before we mow. If hit by a lawn mower, objects like these in your yard are hazardous to our workers and others. Please make sure your lawn is picked up before our crews show up for service. If you have any low barrier objects buried in your yard - sprinkler heads, piping, wiring, etc., you must notify our crew before your mow to avoid any damage to your property. We are not responsible for any serious damage that occurs to your property due to negligence or yard obstructions that were not cleared before our crews arrival.

  • If there are obstructions or pet debris, we will mow around or avoid that area.


If you are on a monthly service, you will be billed at the end of the month. If you have a one-time service, you will be billed immediately after the service is performed. We accept debit cards and any major credit cards. When paying your invoice, you will have an option to store your card information to save time in the future and avoid the processing fee.

  • You will have a 14-day period for all card payments. Any payments after the 14-day period is subject to a $35 late fee.
  • If payment is over 45-days past due, we will skip your regularly scheduled mowing until payment is received.
  • If you have a large project, you will be required to deposit 50% to start the project.


Either party may cancel at any time. However, you must submit a written notification of the cancellation to our office 15 days prior to the cancellation of services. Due to scheduling complications, you may not cancel your service on the same day that your property is scheduled for service. We will not accept cancellations over the phone. If you would like to cancel services, please email us at Once your service has been canceled, you will be sent a final bill, if applicable.

Pledge of Excellence

At Irish Lawn & Landscaping, our mission is to create beautiful and safe outdoor spaces to help build better communities. Our focus is to provide exceptional service for the homes and homeowners we work with. We pride ourselves on excellent work, and listen to our customers’ needs, building lasting relationships.

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