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Irish Lawn and Landscaping is your local source for expert lawn aeration services in Winchester, VA. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality services to keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.

Let your Lawn Breathe Better

Lawn core aeration is a vital service for promoting the health and vitality of your lawn. Aeration helps to relieve soil compaction, allowing roots to access essential nutrients, water, and oxygen more easily. Regular aeration can also improve the overall health of your lawn, promoting stronger and deeper roots, reducing the risk of disease, and improving water and nutrient uptake.

Aeration can help to reduce water runoff, create a better seed bed for overseeding, and enhance the overall appearance of your lawn. With professional lawn core aeration services, you can enjoy a greener, healthier, and more attractive outdoor environment.

Lawn aeration is also great when coupled with fertilization, lime treatment, and overseeding.

If you need more than just lawn aeration services, no worries!

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